*This page is only accessible to those with the link. It is not on our live website yet.*

We will be releasing the schedule to our live website and social media on Sunday, July 30 – so you have time this week to have “first dibs” and take a look at classes – save your spot before it goes “public.”

Class fees are not processed until the beginning of the session, which is September 5 in this case – so you can save your spot now and pay later!

*If you have more than one child to sign up, please email us before purchasing memberships! That way we can help you to take advantage of the family discount.

Sign up for classes by logging into your UpperHand account and browse for events. Or click HERE to get to the link to your UpperHand login.


Make note of a recent addition to our class offerings! – Strength Class

Our strength classes are geared toward all athletes looking to get stronger! Whether a gymnast, dancer, cheerleader, volleyball player, soccer player, etc. – we can help you to gain strength, endurance, agility, and confidence.
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