Preschool I & II

Meets Once a Week

Our preschool classes are designed to focus on both large and small motor skills, while introducing boys and girls to basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. The children will work on their listening skills and how to focus in a structured class.

We have a 6:1 gymnast-coach ratio in this 45-minute class.

Preschool I is ideal for those aged 3-4, and/or it is their first time in a structured class environment.

Preschool II is ideal for those aged 4-5 and/or have experience in a preschool gymnastics class already. 

Beginner I

Meets Once a Week

No experience needed! This class introduces the basics of gymnastics. Boys and girls 6 years and up will learn how to do forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels (and more!), as well as basics on balance beam, uneven bars, and vault.

We have an 8:1 gymnast-coach ratio in this 1 hour class.

Beginner II

Meets Once a Week

After Beginner I, our gymnasts will move onto Beginner II. In this class, we will build off of the basics and continue to work on more challenging skills – introducing bridge kickovers, round offs, handstand forward rolls, pullovers on the bars, handstands on beam, and more!

We have an 8:1 gymnast-coach ratio in this 1 hour class.

Intermediate I

Meets Once a Week

Once our gymnasts have a great basic knowledge and skill level, we will move onto the Intermediate class. In this class, we will focus on improving and building on the basics. We will learn front and back handsprings, front and back tucks, cartwheels on beam, front handsprings on vault, and more! We will also add in strength and conditioning at the end of each class.

We have an 10:1 gymnast-coach ratio in this 1.5-hour class.

Intermediate II

Meets Once a Week

Once our gymnasts have complete knowledge and capability of the skills learned in Intermediate I, they will move onto Intermediate II. We will learn to perfect previous skills, as well as learn more advanced skills; such as, tumbling passes, introduction of kips on bars, handstand and cartwheels on high beam, and much more!

We have a 10:1 gymnast-coach ratio in this 1.5-hour class.


Meets Once a Week

Our gymnasts will move onto the Advanced class once they have all the skills, knowledge, and experience required. In this class, we will work on perfecting all the skills we have learned thus far, as well as learn round off back handsprings, aerials, kips on bars, handstand dismounts on beam, front handsprings on the vault table, and more!

We have a 10:1 gymnast-coach ratio in this 2-hour class.


Meets Once a Week

Our tumbling class is designed for gymnasts, cheerleaders, and dancers who want to learn or improve their tumbling skills. Tumbling skills may include back handsprings, aerials, front and back walkovers, front and back flipping/twisting, and more! In this class, tumblers will only work on floor and trampoline – not bars, beam, or vault.

We have a 10:1 tumbler-coach ratio in this 1-hour class.

Hot Shots

Meets 1-2 Times a Week

Our gymnasts in the Hot Shots class will focus on body shaping and strength on bars and floor, while building off of the basics they learned in the Preschool class. This class is by invitation only – inquire for more information!


Meets Min. of Three Times a Week
Levels 4 & up.
(By invitation only)
Call for pricing and information!

Parent-Tot Class

Meets Once a Week

This class is perfect for our youngest athletes! 
Parents will enter into the gym with their tots to learn the beginnings of gymnastics. Your tots will be introduced to the basics of the sport, while still being comfortable because mom/dad/grandparent is right there with them. 
Roll on the floor, swing on the bars, walk on the beam, and jump on the vault, trampoline, and into the pit!

Interested in Private Lessons?

One-on-one time with a coach of your choice to learn or improve a specific skill/skills. *Group private lessons available as well*

Please email us at so we can help book your lesson!


Beginner I & II



Hot Shots


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