Jon Hovda, Owner
Jon Hovda has 25+ year of gymnastic coaching experience. Jon has coached numerous state, regional and national champions many of whom have gone on to compete at the college level on scholarships. Jon is also an assistant coach for the UW-Oshkosh girls gymnastics team. 

Jon was a professional water skier for eight years and has coached skiing for thirteen years. His professional ski career has taken him to Germany, Holland, Japan, Brazil, California, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin Dells. Jon has coached skiing in Japan, South Dakota, and in Wisconsin. 

SAGA Sports
Melissa, Coach

Meet Melissa Jaeger, she has been involved with gymnastics for a long time; starting at age 3 and is still enjoying the sport. Melissa taught gymnastics to the elementary girls during her High School years while also competing on the Park Falls High School Varsity All Around Gymnastics Team all 4 years. During her senior year she went to state on vault taking first place, at sectionals with a 9.98 and at State she took 12th place! Melissa says, “Vault was my favorite, floor was my second favorite, and then came bars and beam, which I didn’t enjoy as much.”  Melissa has been coaching intermediate classes at SAGA Sport Gymnastics since 2008. She loves teaching kids gymnastics. Her favorite to teach is vault and floor. One of the greatest feelings is when Melissa can get a child to do a back handspring on floor or a handspring vault.  

Krysten, Coach

Krysten was a gymnast for 20 years. 16 were spent at her home gym in southeastern Wisconsin and the last 4 were spent with Jon at uw Oshkosh as a member of the gymnastics team. At Oshkosh she studied Kinesiology and psychology and made Dean’s list her junior and senior year. Next year she plans to move to Arizona where she’ll begin school to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy. Krysten decided to continue her gymnastics career as a coach at Saga after retiring because she wanted to stay active in the gymnastics community. Her favorite events to coach are floor and beam which were her favorite events as a gymnast as well. Her favorite part about coaching is being able to use her years of experience as a gymnast to help the girls learn new skills and gain confidence performing.

Brooke, Coach

When I was 4 I started out as a cheerleader but realized I didn’t just want to do floor, I wanted to swing on the bars, balance on the beam and so much more! I then transitioned to gymnastics where I found it to be the perfect sport for me and I have been involved with gymnastics ever since! I took many gymnastics classes and competed for Jon up until level 6, I then hung my Leo up to put more energy into middle and high school track. I soon learned that once a gymnast, always a gymnast at heart, and the missing of the sport lead me to coaching! I coached at SAGA for 2 years and then took time off to finish high school and start college. I will soon be graduating from St. Norbert College with a major in business and a minor in chemistry. I have also been apart of the SNC track and field team for the past 2 years. As college was under my belt, I began coaching again and will have been back coaching for 2 years already! As a coach, there is no better feeling then seeing and helping my gymnasts achieve their goals! I hope to have all my gymnast leave each day with a smile on their face!

Karlee, Coach

Karlee has been involved in gymnastics since the age of 5. She has competed with Jon up to level 7. She recently started coaching preschool through the advanced levels. Karlee coaches because of her love of gymnastics she wants to share with others. She also enjoys helping kids reach their goals and learn new things.

Skylar, Coach
Skylar has been involved with gymnastics ever since she started the sport at age 3. She competed for Jon up until level 8 and has been coaching at SAGA for four years.
Why does Skylar coach? I absolutely love the sport & there is no better feeling than seeing & helping your gymnasts achieve new skills.
Mackenzie, Coach

What classes does she coach?
Preschool, beginner I, and beginner II
How long has she been involved in gymnastics?
I started gymnastics at the YWCA when I was three years old, I knew I loved it from the very beginning. When I went into first grade my mom told me that if it was something that I was going to stick with that I could go to a gymnastics gym, therefore in first grade I switched over to SAGA Jon, has been my coach since I was 6 years old. I did gymnastics all the way up until my freshman year in high school when I got a knee injury that forced me to quit. Cheer was the closest thing I could think of, I started cheering my freshman year and still continue to cheer today. I knew that I just wasn’t ready to give gymnastics up that easily though, I thought if I can’t do gymnastics myself coaching would be the next best thing.
What is her favorite event to coach?
Floor and bars
What are some of her other hobbies?
I love to cheer, pole vault, and run. I also love music and having a great time with my friends.

Kelsey, Coach

What classes does she coach?  Pre-school.  How long has she been involved in gymnastics?  I’ve never personally been involved in gymnastics, but I’ve grown up surrounded by it.  A few years back my younger sister started classes at Saga and started at advanced, moved up to pre team, and four years later she is currently at level seven.  I’ve never been the most flexible person but I’ve always enjoyed watching her get new skills and learning about them.  What is her favorite event to coach?  Floor and bars.  What are some of her other hobbies?  I enjoy being outdoors and volunteering my time to help others.  I also love to go to my sister’s competitions and cheer her on.