Jon Hovda
Owner & Head Coach
Jon Hovda has 25+ year of gymnastic coaching experience. Jon has coached numerous state, regional and national champions many of whom have gone on to compete at the college level on scholarships. Jon is also a former assistant coach of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh gymnastics team.

Jon was a professional water skier for eight years and has coached skiing for 13 years. His professional ski career has taken him to Germany, Holland, Japan, Brazil, California, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin Dells. Jon has coached skiing in Japan, South Dakota, and in Wisconsin. 

Coach Bri
Rec. Manager & Coach
Bri started gymnastics classes at a young age, along with her sisters Morgan and Skylar. She competed for Jon until she decided to start coaching for him at SAGA in 2009.
Why does Bri coach?
I have a passion for gymnastics and a passion for working with kids. I love teaching this sport to gymnasts of all ages. Creating relationships with the gymnasts and their parents is one of my favorite things about coaching at SAGA Sports.
Finance Manager & Team Coach
Morgan has been involved in gymnastics from a very young age, competing for Jon and then coaching for him. She has been coaching at SAGA Sports since 2008 when the gym was first opened.
Why does Morgan coach?
I genuinely enjoy being in our gym and coaching our gymnasts. I love watching our gymnasts grow from little Preschoolers and Hot Shots all the way to Team, and coaching them through all the skills and life lessons to get there. Gymnastics is an extremely tough sport, both physically and mentally, which makes it so rewarding as a coach.
Team Coach
Skylar has been involved with gymnastics ever since she started the sport at age three. She competed for Jon up until level 8 and has been coaching at SAGA since then!
Why does Skylar coach?
I absolutely love the sport, and there is no better feeling than seeing and helping your gymnasts achieve new skills.
Karlee Shaw Coach "T"
Karlee (Coach T)
Team Coach

Karlee, aka Coach “T”, has been involved with the sport of gymnastics for 25+ years, competing since she was very young and coaching for the past 17 years. She began her gymnastics career at the age of 5 right here in the Green Bay area! After competing four years for her local high school, she joined the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Gymnastics Team and competed from 2006-2009.

In the fall of 2009, she took over as head coach for the Chippewa Falls High School Gymnastics Team and spent the next 10 seasons developing their program. She recently moved “home” to Green Bay where she was lucky enough to have an opportunity to coach at SAGA. She looks forward to working with an incredibly hard-working and dedicated team of gymnasts and watch them grow through their own gymnastics careers every day. 

Why does T coach?
As a gymnast, landing a new skill is the best feeling in the world. I coach because watching your gymnast land that skill gives you the same feeling 10 fold.

Rec. Coach
Brooke started out as a cheerleader when she was four, but realized she didn’t just want to do floor – she wanted to swing on the bars, balance on the beam and so much more! She then transitioned to gymnastics where she found it to be the perfect sport for her. She has been involved with gymnastics ever since! She took many gymnastics classes and competed for Jon up until level 6. She hung her Leo up to put more energy into middle and high school track. She soon learned that once a gymnast, always a gymnast at heart. Missing the sport led her to coaching! 

Why does Brooke coach?
There is no better feeling then seeing and helping my gymnasts achieve their goals! I hope to have all my gymnast leave each day with a smile on their face!
Rec. Coach
Kelsey has been involved with gymnastics for a long time, beginning the sport at a young age. She transferred to SAGA and competed for Jon for four years, up until Level 7. After her gymnastics career ended, she came straight to being a coach!

Why does Kelsey coach?

 I have always had a passion for gymnastics. Whether that be through participating in the sport or coaching. I love being able to help gymnasts reach their goals. There is no better feeling seeing and helping gymnasts achieve a new skill they have been eager to get!
Rec. Coach
Kaitlin has been involved in gymnastics since she was six years old. She competed through Level 7 and then coaching gymnastics for four years at SAGA. Kaitlin recently moved back from Minnesota, and she is very excited to continue coaching here!
Why does Kaitlin coach?
I coach because I have a passion for the sport, and I love working with kids. It is very rewarding to watch gymnasts grow and achieve their goals!
Rec. Coach
Brooklyn started gymnastics classes when she was six and competed until she was 16. Then she decided to start coaching for Jon at SAGA in 2020.

Why does Brooklyn coach?

 I have been in gymnastics for most of my life. When I decided to stop competing, I knew I still wanted to be involved in gymnastics, so coaching was the perfect option! Seeing girls achieve a skill they have been working on for a while is my favorite thing about coaching.
Rec. Coach
Hallie was a competitive gymnast for seven years before decided to switch her position in the sport to coaching. She started coaching at SAGA in 2020.

Why does Hallie coach?

 I coach because I love seeing kids achieve their goals and continue to further them as a person and as a gymnast. My favorite part of coaching is staying within the sport that I love, while being able to help achieve the big goals these young kids have. I love meeting new people and want to continue to build relationships with all the families at SAGA.
Rec. Coach
Lindsey is a current competitive Level 9 gymnast for SAGA. She has been in gymnastics for 13 years.

Why does Lindsey coach?

 I coach because I enjoy watching kids get stronger and more confident in their skills. I like helping them learn new skills to achieve their goals.
Rec. Coach
Emma is a current competitive Level 8 gymnast for SAGA. She has been in gymnastics for 12 years.

Why does Emma coach?

 I coach because like teaching gymnasts what I can in order to be a better gymnast myself.
Rec. Coach
Katelyn is a current competitive Level 9 gymnast for SAGA. She has been in gymnastics since she was 3 years old.

Why does Katelyn coach?

 I coach because I like to help other kids to learn and enjoy the sport as much as I do.
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